Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh Hey! Another Monday!

Goodmorning all! 
I apologize for not writing lately, very busy now that I am working during the day, soccer at night and trying to fit schoolwork in there somewhere. I thought I was busy before.. I was wrong! 

The past month consisted of:

~Family get together's
~Writing (in my journal.. of course)
~Traveling (for soccer) 
~Soccer practices and games

and much more! It has been a busy month. 

It has been busy, but also rocky. Very stressful sometimes, I wish I had a hammock in the backyard so I could go out during the day to relax.. listen to some music or read a book. That sounds like paradise right now! 
I have managed to complete two classes with good grades, I was extraordinarily happy about that. The sad news.. I signed up for more classes. I find it crazy that I think to myself  "I have way to many classes.. when I finish I will take a break for a while to relax, then sign up for more when the regular semesters are supposed to start so I can have a summer without school" Well... that idea is gone. I have signed up for classes and have officially been assigned to a teacher and start working in them today. That summer without school is gone. :( Oh well! My fault. Crazy me..
In the Fall I will be enrolling at our community college for some duel enrollment classes, I'm deciding either photography, or a baking class. I need some ideas! Help me out! 

Anyway, it's time for me to get ready for work now! I will write soon.. I promise!! 

Have a super wonderful and amazing week everyone! 

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