Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving, Finals, Christmas, Tournaments and more! 

It has been a very past couple of months and even more to come. 
Thanksgiving was fantastic, we had the whole family over, including the in-laws! It was so wonderful to have everyone come together for such an awesome holiday. We truly are blessed! 

Finals are approaching soon! Next week will be busier than ever, cramming in some study sessions in-between work and school. Tomorrow evening I will be giving my first presentation as a dual enrolled student.  Praying all goes well! Spring classes are all registered for, it's going to be fantastic! I will be taking a class on environmental science, super excited about that. 

Christmas is officially 24 days away! It is oh so crazy how time can fly by so quickly. Shopping for ten siblings is a true challenge. Three days after Christmas we are heading out for a soccer tournament! Orange Classic here we come! 

The craft shows this year were awesome. It is always great to meet other crafters and see what they have to sell. There was one little girl who was madly in love with her new clips. She was running around the show wearing her clip in her hair showing it off to everyone! It was the cutest thing!

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