Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

I love doing experiments, gotta love being homeschooled as well! 

Messing around before soccer practice

If you ever come to Florida, you will have to make a special stop to Sunrise, they have amazing treats!

Beautiful sunset at Abby's soccer practice. I love the coloring!

My special Christmas gift from a pen-pal! So yummy!!

Today was the first day doing a class with my mom again for homeschooling. I am doing a History class with her instead of taking it online. My online course load is way too big at the time so I decided I would ask her to teach my History. I never knew how much I would miss sitting down and getting the opportunity of my mom teaching me. It went great! As for my online classes, the schedule I created for this week has been working out great! I have been listening to lots of calming music while getting my work done, I think this year is going to be wonderful. 

A few new pictures from this evening. I was outside enjoying the cold weather and decided to snap a few shots.

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