Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to the year of 2012

Welcome to 2012! 
How was your New Year? What did you do for the celebration of the new year? 
I had an awesome Near years eve with a friend, we stayed up till 2012 and did lots of fun things! 

Did you come up with a new years resolution? 
I haven't come up with one.. yet!! I will come up with one before the end of this month, I'm sure of it!

This coming Summer I will be going on a mission trip with my Student Choir at our church. I am unaware of where we will be going at the time, it's a mystery! But we are having an 'Amazing Race' this coming Sunday to find out where we will go! 

If you would like to contribute to my Mission Trip/Tour funding I will have a 'Donation' button below, as well on the side bar of my blog!  Every penny counts for my trip, I am very excited to be going on the trip, and can't wait to be helping those in need. 

Also! If you would like to purchase something from my shop, all funds are going towards my trip! 
Some items are listed below.

Removable Flower Clip


Pink Owl Beanie (Specify Size)


Beard Hat 


Regular Beanie


Cotton Facial Scrubbie (1)



  1. HAHA! Did you make that beard hat for James Frank? He was wearing one like that yesterday at LifeTeen. XD

  2. I actually didn't! I made these for a friend for a Birthday gift. :)